5 Unique Trends Your Bride is Looking For!

By: Brett Olsen

Modern brides are the target of every designer/retailer but their needs have changed compared to the brides of generations past. Are you offering the current trends that brides want?


photo: Thomas Laine

photo: Thomas Laine

Today’s bride wants to look classic yet unique. White will always remain a  wedding staple but current trends are pointing in the opposite direction . Celebrities like Jessica Biel, Gwen Stefani and Julianne Moore  all wore alternative shades to stand out but not every brides is as bold! Jewelry, sashes and shoes are great solutions for the bride that wants to add a pop of color without going overboard.


photo: Devon Jarvis

photo: Devon Jarvis

We all know it’s equally as important for the bride to feel beautiful as it is to look beautiful. Offering the right undergarments to accompany her dress will help her feel more comfortable and therefore more willing to buy. Sexy (yet tasteful!) lingerie is also great to offer for  honeymoon gear , “first night” activities and boudoir photo-shoots.


photo: Elizabeth Messina

photo: Elizabeth Messina

This has become a constant battle between modern brides and their mothers. Traditionally a bride without a veil was simply a beautiful woman in a white dress. However the rules have changed. There are plenty of ordinate headpieces available on the market that will make her feel current while still looking like a bride.


photo: Thomas Laine

photo: Thomas Laine

With the high anticipation of The Great Gatsby and current  hits like Gangster Squad and Downtown Abbey, Art Deco is a huge trend. That being said, there is a big difference between looking “vintage” and looking “dated.” The devil is in the details! Offering art deco jewelry is the perfect way for her to add Old Hollywood glamor without limiting her dress selection. Drop waists and extensive beading aren’t for everyone!


photo: DVF.com

photo: DVF.com

Why sell one dress when you can sell two…or three! Short, ready -to- wear inspired dresses are great for when the bride is ready to cut loose at her reception! These are also great for Bridal Showers, Bachelorette Parties and Rehearsal Dinners.


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