Save vs. Splurge: Justifying Price for Today’s Bride

photo: Devon Jarvis(left); Elizabeth Messina (right)

photo: Devon Jarvis(left); Elizabeth Messina (right)

In the article titled “What Makes This Dress $15,400?” (page 140) Deputy Editor @EustaciaHuen explains in detail what elements make a Pnina Tornai gown (pictured above) so pricy? Although Eustacia’s points are valid, this raises a very interesting question. What do brides value more… price or craftsmanship?

While most designers may agree that such luxuries are justified, I am curious to hear from the retailers what the best bargaining tool is in this economy. Although the Pninia is undoubtedly gorgeous, is it a practical buy? Can the average bride really be swayed to go above her budget because a garment is hand sewn? Can she tell the difference between high-quality French Chantilly and a simple Alencon? Are they actually willing to pay double for Austrian Swarovski embellishment?

I’m also very curious to hear  if designers are struggling to replicate such intricate detailing in a less expensive manner in order to make a larger profit. Is it possible to make an exquisite gown without hitting the 15K mark?
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One thought on “Save vs. Splurge: Justifying Price for Today’s Bride

  1. As justified as it may be, personally, charging $15,000 for a dress you’re only going to wear once it’s a crime. Going into debt for a label is not appealing to me. I understand not wanting to sacrifice style and fashion, specially since this is one of the most meaningful dresses you’ll ever wear. However, you can buy a car for that amount of money, or it’s a nice down payment for a house. I have seen brides looking flawless in a $300 dress. In my opinion, it’s not the dress that makes the bride, it’s her happiness and personality that’ll make the dress stand out. That being said, if money grows on trees for you, and you can afford it, why the heck not?

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