DESIGNER DISH: Interview with Valentini Spose


COUTURE: What was the inspiration behind your collection?
VALENTINI SPOSE: When designing the collection I had a very specific bride in mind. She is a young and modern woman who values unique and strikingly different details. At glance she appears to be an ingénue but she secretly holds the ability to seduce with a single look. Nothing short of perfection will satisfy her tastes.

COUTURE: How do you present your collection to the press vs. retailer?
VALENTINI SPOSE: The press is looking for “buzz” while retailers want what’s sellable.  Our brand tries to satisfy both needs by offering two beautifully unique collections. Valentini Spose focuses on classic elegance while EGO appeals to the youthful and trendy.  Combined the two collections are a representation of today’s modern bride.  We strive to showcase the latest trends while emphasizing beauty and femininity that can be appreciated by both parties.

COUTURE: What trends are you currently loving and how did you incorporate them into your Fall 2013 line?
VALENTINI SPOSE: Glamour never goes out of style! Elegant Lace and dazzling crystals are the core materials we are using for embellishment.  We want our brides to sparkle and feel radiantly beautiful on her special day.

COUTURE: Bridal Fashion Week may only last 7 days but proper preparation takes weeks and sometimes months! What steps have you taken this market?
VALENTINI SPOSE: Our brand is a constant love of labor ranging from original design concepts to global marketing efforts.  This is the first collection we are previewing at New York Bridal Fashion Week and we want everything to be perfect! It has been a very exciting achievement for us. We aim to tell a cohesive story that provides innovation through exciting details and designs.

COUTURE: What are the three main goals you want to accomplish this market?
VALENTINI SPOSE: (1) To satisfy our clients and create relationships with the US retailers (2) To better familiarize our brand with the American bride (3) To become an international brand and main player in the US market.

COUTURE: There are many bridal markets to choose from across the globe. What brings you to New York Bridal Fashion Week and more specifically COUTURE?
VALENTINI SPOSE:  Where else would we display our haute couture fashions? The name says it all! New York is a worldwide fashion capital with an electrifying energy that inspires creativity. We are looking forwarded to meeting with the retailers to show off our fashion forward Italian designs!


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