DESIGNER DISH: A Sneak Peek at Intuzuri’s New Collection


COUTURE: What was the inspiration behind your collection and what elements are you most excited to share?
INTUZURI: The 2013 collection is an ode to romance, with the designs capturing a real luxuriousness and opulence. As a London-based brand the designs are very much influenced by an English sensibility, with a combination of traditional and more fashion-forward elements. The embellishments really showcase the passion and quality finishing which has gone into each and every gown, with elements such as hand-beading, three-dimensional flower appliqués, and delicate “eyelash” detailing.

COUTURE: How do you present your collection to the press vs retailer?
INTUZURI: There are of course certain key differences between how the collection is presented to the press and to retailers, but ultimately it’s not that different between the two. It is a case of emphasizing the design quality, couture finishing, and luxuriousness of the dresses, as these are the things which really make an Intuzuri gown stand out.


COUTURE: Bridal Fashion Week may only last 7 days but proper preparation take weeks and sometimes months! What steps have you taken this market?
INTUZURI: As well as the huge amount of organization which goes into the event beforehand, it’s also a case of making ongoing marketing efforts to create a buzz about the collection amongst brides and retailers.

COUTURE: What are the three main goals you want to accomplish every market and are there any specific goals you introduced this season?
INTUZURI: (1) Maintaining the same sense of excitement about the dresses as when the first collection came out (2) Catching up with our retailers, finding out which designs have sold well, and seeing which trends are popular in different areas (3) Forging new and mutually rewarding relationships with retailers


COUTURE: There are many bridal markets to choose from across the globe. What brings you to New York Bridal Fashion Week and more specifically?
INTUZURI: With the size and influence of the United States’ wedding industry, and the fact that New York is really the fashion epicenter of the world, it’s an easy choice for us to be here. And of course, the location is hard to beat!


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