What’s Next? Success Strategies for After Market

For those of you who missed our Director of Trade Marketing, Laura Cave, give her very informative presentation on Success Strategies After Market, below is a brief recap.  For more inside information check out The Knot B2B Blog and for the entire presentation CLICK HERE: Couture April 2013 – Success Strategies

COUTURE: What is the biggest mistake bridal boutiques are making today?
LAURA CAVE: So many boutiques have the right advertising and fabulous gowns, but their website doesn’t communicate how professional and knowledgeable they are. A streamlined website with a fresh design could entice more brides to make appointments.

COUTURE: Social Networking is constantly evolving and can be very confusing! What are the basic networks every retailer should be a part of?
LAURA CAVE: Facebook is the most important social network because 95% of brides use it. But Pinterest and Instagram are also great places to connect with customers around photos of all those gorgeous dresses and accessories!

COUTURE: With the internet and social marketing on a constant upswing there is a fear that print is dying.  Do you agree or disagree?
LAURA CAVE: I disagree. Bridal magazines are still insanely popular and they get dog-eared and passed around to more readers than any other type of magazine.

COUTURE: Websites are the first glimpse consumers get inside a business.  What are the key elements that every site must have?
LAURA CAVE: Every bridal salon website must have contact information on every page (add it to your header or footer!)–so many people miss this. Also, it’s important to have detailed information on your collections—brides want to know in advance that you have dresses that fit her style and price point before they take time for an appointment. Information about the gown shopping and ordering process would also be helpful to let brides know what to expect.

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